Friday, June 18, 2010

Fotos De Meninas Nuas

17/06/2010- giornata indimenticabile!


now I can say I'm one of the luckiest girl in the world!
allourrr now I tell you the last day of heavy>. \u0026lt;

Then the 16 already at about 11 am some girls were camped outside the auditorium, but I thought Cher was too soon and then I went to hotel, ate, slept and after around 3 am I also went to camp with my sister (kiki black xD).
I took the indoor and I'm lying on the ground like a bag lady o.o
started at around 4 veni other girls have joined us already twenty eravampo na .. ç__ç
I was surrounded by ANTI TEAM JACOB and KRISTEN. do not know how I found ... I have been silent out of respect.
until 8 o'clock it was bitterly cold in most there are dead, the sun melted ç__ç
I also felt bad not breathe!
well after 15 hours of waiting, I hear rumblings O_O and here tay!
ragazzeee I was surprised! is not what I expected! is straaaa bonoooo! is? O_o I thought it was low xD I expected more muscular xD
only one next to me (anti kris convinced, damn!) Regla him the picture frame with her picture and that of tay and underwear made Italian! that is, can you? xD was a montataa my god I just find me u.ù so we were definitely in front of the paparazzi and then I left in all photos ç__ç not be afraid I was exhausted when he comes to me ç__ç
bang tay by surprise and emotion, I can say that I jumped on him! xD me for my autograph and I touched his head haha! my god xD
and then he is! kristen!
something happens to me when I see it, including emotion, anxiety, surprise and much burst into tears!
STUPENDAAA ERA! when it came to me did not want to take pictures with the paparazzi to get us an autograph cioèèè I love you.!
was in front of me .. I am in tears, looking at me and gives me a sweet smile, makes me an autograph and when I ask if he can take a picture with me tells me: "I'm so sorry, But we are much people" ... and much that I can not write nearly said sorry a lot, but you are not so many that I regret none!
one next to me starts to tease all the way .. a slap in the face he deserved it, bitch slut!
haha then call the paparazzi from behind and one of its faces * w * Sospita and says "I'm confiused. I take photos up photos! xD
the dress was beautiful, shoes * w * I wonder how he could walk and his hair xD * w *
course I could not touch it xD
a unique experience ... in the picture is all but live that is .. you can not find appropriate to such splendor un'aggettivo ..
still crying .. she goes on and I think I Vistre crazysimy èerchè gave a poster with all the beautiful photos of kris and cut out a sentence that I could not back slightly ç__ç
poii tay, greets all the fans and join in .
kris has made all the way around and came and she was boh talking to his manager and boldly boyguard xD
then enter to take photos, then I'm leaving, I had to take the train ç__ç
while I'm gone I think I've seen a forum that I have seen in photos on the initiative of the video and now I do not remember who it is xD I could not stop ç__ç it was late ç__ç
was the most tiring day, but eventually came out triumphant, and always in tears xD I could not hold it

- The red carpet was not very long u.ù
- kris and tay tt arrived at 6 am instead of 5 ç__ç
- could do in the evening, some had collapsed u.ù

PHOTO: (as the site)
http://img248 . png


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